AVG AntiVirus App

AVG AntiVirus App for AndroidAVG AntiVirus is a popular software that has been available to computer users for many years. Consumers love that the AVG software is user friendly. Now it is available to mobile users as well.

The AVG App is an antivirus, as well as an anti-theft deterrent. Most of the features come with the free application, but there is an option to upgrade to AVG Pro version to receive more features.

All the vital antivirus components are available with the free app. The Pro version includes features such as app backup, or setting a camera trap to catch anyone that is trying to access your phone without your permission.

Malware, Spyware, and Virus Protection Around the Clock

You can use your phone with the comfort of knowing you are protected. Here are some of the antivirus features that AVG offers mobile users.

  • App Scanner: Makes sure that you only download and use apps that are safe. Removes any spy apps, viruses, trojans, or worms.
  • File Scanner: Quickly checks and removes viruses from your phone. You can manually scan or schedule it.
  • Settings Scanner: Helps you set your security settings so your phone is as protected as possible.
  • Safe Web Surfing: Works in real time to make sure that you are safely browsing the internet.

Anti-Theft Features

Losing your phone can cause a panic, because it contains a lot of personal information. AVG will help you track your phone with the use of their advanced anti-theft features.

AVG Anti-Theft

  • Locate your phone remotely and make it SHOUT out (ring at the highest volume) even when it is on silent.
  • Lock your phone remotely, so others can’t use it or access your information. You can also create a custom lock screen that will display your contact information for anyone who finds your phone.
  • When your phone is not retrievable, you can send a command from a remote location to wipe all the data from the phone. Your messages, data, emails, contacts, pictures, and memory card can be cleaned with one simple command.
  • Camera Trap is a pro feature that will take a picture of the intruder , and send a copy to your email when 3 failed attempts to access your phone have occurred.
  • When the SIM card is changed, your phone will automatically lock. This is the perfect feature to use when someone has stolen your phone.

Better Performance

You can use AVG to enhance the performance of your phone. All apps that are known for draining your phones battery will be shut down quickly after use. This will help improve the life of your battery. The task killer feature will optimize your phone’s storage and memory space by shutting down apps running in the background. AVG will send out alerts when you are nearing your data allowance.

Additional Features

You can use the privacy protection to block calls and messages that you don’t want. The phone filters them and blocks them without ever disturbing you.

The App Lock is a pro feature that can be customized to lock specified apps. This feature will deter others from accessing your private information.

App Backup will securely backup all of your apps to your memory card. This will allow you to access when every you want.

Remote protection allows you to manage your phone from anywhere and on any device. This will allow you to share items, as well as keep up with important notifications.

Download the AVG AntiVirus App for free: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.antivirus&hl=en