Best iPad Apps for Kids

Apple’s iPad is an incredible computing tool for young and old alike. Its touch screen design and ruggedness make it something that your kids can use wherever they go and with ease. However, you as a parent want something more from an iPad that you let your child use than just for playing. Here are 5 apps that you’ll find useful for your kids and their iPads.

What Makes These the Top 5 iPad Apps?

When it comes to your kids, the best use of the iPad is for education and entertainment with the former taking a slight priority above the latter.

Price is a factor as well. The five apps to follow are either free or can be purchased at a nominal price.

#1. Elmo Loves ABCs for iPad

Elmo Loves ABCsThe first steps in teaching a child to read is learning the alphabet and the phonetic sounds that form words. However, teaching straight phonics won’t capture a child’s attention the way Elmo from Sesame Street can. Kids seem to be captivated by this icon Elmo.

With Elmo Loves ABCs for iPad, you get 80 video clips from the show Sesame Street that kids have grown up with since the 1970s. This is another feature that your kids will love because they are always fascinated with videos to help them learn.

You also get 75 coloring pages themed after the television show and these are good for learning and entertainment.

Get Elmo Loves ABCs from the App Store for only $4.99.

#2. Toca Kitchen

Toca KitchenKids are always fascinated by the activities of their moms in the kitchen. However the kitchen can be a dangerous place but with Toca Kitchen you can let them safely learn about preparing meals.

This app is more of a diversion but it can be educational as well. The player learns to cook food for any one of the four characters that appear in the game. Then, they get feedback from the character for which they cooked to see if the meal was to expectations.

Toca Kitchen is available for a nominal fee of just $2.99 from the App Store.

#3. Maily: Your Kids’ First Email

MailyEmail is a way of life in today’s modern world and it is never too early to start learning how to use it. That’s the idea behind Maily. It introduces your kids to the protocols of sending and receiving email.

Your child can send messages either by regular email or through Facebook. Keep in mind that Facebook will be just as much a part of your child’s future as will email.

This app can also be useful for teaching your child how to communicate in writing at a beginning level.

What’s even nicer is that Maily can be downloaded from the App Store for free.

#4. Intro to Math

Intro to MathIntro to Math adds more rounding to your child’s early learning experiences. Children learn the digits 0 through 9 for the first time and then get to practice their new knowledge through several activities and games.

They will also learn comparisons and superlatives in this educational game by arranging elongated shapes from shortest to longest.

Intro to Math is available from the App Store for $4.99.

#5. Press Here: The App

Press Here AppKids need a game for some diversion from education. It gives their mind a break from learning so that when they return to the educational games they have a fresh outlook.

Press Here: The App was inspired by the book authored by Herve Tullet titled Press Here. The theme deals with following directions for arranging various swirls and dots presented on the screen. It also includes animated activities and simple games that your child can enjoy for hours.

Press Here: The App can be purchased from the App Store for $1.99.

The beauty of the iPad is that it is designed to be used by all ages. For the young children, it is a great educational and entertainment tool and is far superior to the paper activities parents and teachers had to use in the past. Check out all these apps have to offer and get them from the App Store quickly so that no time is wasted in starting your child on the learning journey.