spybubbleThe main advantages of the SpyBubble cell phone tracking system are that it works silently on a monitored smartphone and it goes wherever the device’s user goes. Thus, you can find out the truth regarding the activities of your employee, child, or cheating spouse because the smartphone they carry along with the cell phone spy running on it report their activities to you the parent, employer, or concerned spouse.

A Look at the SpyBubble Features

To find out the truth wherever those you care about or are responsible for go, you need the cell phone tracking software from SpyBubble because it:

  • Tracks the monitored smartphone’s GPS location
  • Can listen to surrounding sounds
  • Logs call activity from wherever
  • Collects the full wording of text messages which can give clues as to the user’s location and activities
  • Collects videos and photos taken on the monitored device, thus giving more clues as to the activities at any location

There are other features to the SpyBubble cell phone tracking system but you more than likely see how what is listed can help you no matter where your child, employee, or cheating spouse goes.

The Truth about Where Your Child Goes

When you put the spybubble app on your teenager’s smartphone, she carries it everywhere but doesn’t know it is running on the device. Thus, if she calls and says that she is at the mall with friends you’ll know that she is actually at her boyfriend’s house without adult supervision. All this because of the handy GPS tracking feature that comes as part of the basic SpyBubble cell phone tracking system.

What is Your Cheating Spouse Doing and Where?

smsA cheating spouse makes telling lies a regular part of her day while the affair is ongoing. You, the concerned spouse, have no clue as to whether she is telling you the truth or not because there are no “eyes” and “ears” to follow her around. Plus, the cost of a private detective is way too high.

Here again, the GPS tracking feature provided by SpyBubble can see where she actually goes when she says she is going out with her friends to go shopping.

You can also see the text messages that get exchanged between your spouse and her affair partner as they are coordinating where to meet. With SpyBubble, you get all messages from SMS, email, WhatsApp, iMessage, and BlackBerry BBM chats.

Where Does Your Employee Take Off To?

Another item of interest that employers are concerned about is when their employees are gone from the workplace for an extended period of time is where they are actually at. They may go to a meeting with a client, but take some extra time to hit the bar on the way back.

Without a cell phone spy app running on the company-issued smartphone that an employee is carrying, you have no way of knowing where he went off course instead of heading to the office.

With SpyBubble, you can listen to the monitored phone’s surroundings and then determine where your employee is at by the sounds you hear.

Cell phone tracking software running on a smartphone is like having a private detective in the pocket or purse of the user carrying it. When you as an employer/parent issue expensive smartphones to your employees or buy them for your children, you have every right to know the activities of the persons using them. The SpyBubble cell phone spy provides the tools to do this.